What does approve mean?

approve meaning in General Dictionary

In order to make profit of to convert to ones own profit stated esp of waste or common land appropriated because of the lord of manor

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  • To show becoming genuine or true to show
  • give sanction to
  • judge to be right or commendable; believe well of
  • To show becoming real or real; to show.
  • In order to make proof of; to show; to prove or show virtually.
  • To sanction formally; to ratify; to verify; because, to approve the decision of a court-martial.
  • To regard of the same quality; to commend; become pleased about; to think really of; as, we approve the assessed associated with the administration.
  • to create or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance.
  • which will make profit of; to transform to 1's own profit; -- stated esp. of waste or common land appropriated because of the lord of this manor.

approve meaning in Law Dictionary

To decide to try an individual's proper and split usage. To enhance; to enhance the value or profits of anything. To inclose and develop typical or waste land. To accept typical or waste land is to Inclose and convert it toward functions of husbandry, which the owner might constantly do. provided he left typical sufficient for eg had been eligible for it. St. Mert. c. 4; St. Westm. 2, c. 46; 2 Bl. Comm. 34; 3 Bl. Comm. 240; 2 Steph. Comm. 7; 3 Kent, Comm. 400. In old unlawful legislation. To accuse or prove; to accuse an accomplice giving evidence against him.

approve meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "to demonstrate, prove;" mid-14c., "to attest (some thing) with expert," from Old French aprover (Modern French approuver) "approve, consent to," from Latin approbare "to assent to as good, regard of the same quality," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + probare "to use, test anything (to locate if it's good)," from probus "honest, genuine" (see prove). The meaning stretched late 14c. to "to sanction, endorse, verify formally" then to "assent to (something) of the same quality" (very early 15c.), especially in mention of the what of authorities, parliaments, etc. relevant: Approved; approving.

approve meaning in Business Dictionary

1. To promote or support; to trust. "Because Michael valued the feedback of their companion, he made a decision to ask Joe if he'd accept of his choice of getting an innovative new car, or if he thought it absolutely was the wrong option." 2. To accept or consent to one thing. "Our employer's plan had been that she must accept any modifications toward internet site before these are generally made."

approve meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To exhibit to be real or true; to prove.

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  • (v. t.) To help make proof of; to show; to show or show almost.
  • (v. t.) To sanction formally; to ratify; to verify; because, to approve your choice of a court-martial.
  • (v. t.) To consider as good; to commend; is happy with; to imagine really of; as, we accept the assessed regarding the management.
  • (v. t.) Which will make or show become worth approbation or acceptance.
  • (v. t.) Which will make revenue of; to transform to at least one's own profit; -- said esp. of waste or typical land appropriated because of the lord associated with the manor.

Sentence Examples with the word approve

The state contributes to the support of the Church, builds its churches and provides for the salaries of its clergy, and at the same time it has the right to approve or reject all ecclesiastical appointments and to permit or forbid the execution of all decrees of the Roman See relating to Venezuela.

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