What does approval mean?

approval meaning in General Dictionary

Approbation sanction

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  • a note revealing a favorable opinion
  • a sense of liking anything or somebody great
  • acceptance as satisfactory
  • the formal act of approving
  • Approbation; sanction.

approval meaning in Insurance Dictionary

recognition of a given danger by an insurer since the underwriting criteria associated with the insurer have-been met.

approval meaning in Law Dictionary

The work of a judge or magistrate in sanctioning and accepting as satisfactory a bond, protection, or any other instrument which will be required by-law to pass through bis evaluation and receive their approbation before it becomes operative.

approval meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, from approve + -al (2). Based on OED, "Rare bef. 1800; today usually utilized in the place of" approvance (1590s, from French aprovance).

approval meaning in Business Dictionary

Written consent by a regulatory human anatomy to proceed with a required task, without by any means diminishing the applicant's obligation to meet up the typical or specified needs. Approval may take the form of official certification, licensing, or subscription, and it is occasionally used as an alternative term for agreement.

approval meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Approbation; sanction.

Sentence Examples with the word approval

The mayor is elected for four years, and appoints, subject to the approval of the board of aldermen, the controller and the members of the two principal executive boards - the board of public works and the board of public safety.

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