What does apprize mean?

apprize meaning in General Dictionary

To appraise to value to understand

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  • make aware of
  • inform (a person) of some thing
  • gain in value
  • raise the value of
  • To appraise; to value; to appreciate.

apprize meaning in Etymology Dictionary

periodic legalese form of appraise, c.1400. Associated: Apprized; apprizing.

apprize meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To appraise; to worth; to comprehend.

Sentence Examples with the word apprize

The Calends, (or Kalends) were invariably the first day of the month, and were so denominated because it had been an ancient custom of the pontiffs to call the people together on that day, to apprize them of the festivals, or days that were to be kept sacred during the month.

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