What does appreciation mean?

appreciation meaning in General Dictionary

A just valuation or estimate of quality worth body weight etc recognition of excellence

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  • an expression of appreciation
  • understanding of the type or meaning or high quality or magnitude of one thing
  • fragile discrimination (especially of aesthetic values)
  • a rise in cost or value
  • a favorable view
  • A just valuation or estimation of merit, really worth, body weight, etc.; recognition of quality.
  • Accurate perception; real estimation; as, an admiration regarding the difficulties before us; an admiration of colors.
  • a growth in value; -- opposed to depreciation.

appreciation meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the increase in price through natural length of occasions as distinguished from improvements or improvements.

appreciation meaning in Economics Dictionary

an increase inside value of an asset and opposite of depreciation. Once the worth of a currency rises in accordance with another, it appreciates.

appreciation meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever an asset's price increases due to improvements or improvements.

appreciation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600 (with an isolated use from c.1400), from Anglo-French appreciation, noun of activity from Old French appr

appreciation meaning in Business Dictionary

upsurge in the worthiness of an asset which can be in excess of the asset's depreciable price, and is because economic and other facets (such as for instance scarcity or inflation) and not because of improvements or improvements designed to it.

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appreciation meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Royce) The faculty by which an individual feels, likes or dislikes, or, generally, evaluates certain experiences, instead of the faculty by which he describes all of them, communicates all of them, and renders all of them permanent by using kinds or groups. (Royce: Spirit of contemporary Philosophy, pp. 390-4.) -- A.C.B.

appreciation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A just valuation or estimate of quality, well worth, fat, etc.; recognition of superiority.

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  • (n.) Accurate perception; real estimation; since, an appreciation regarding the troubles before us; an appreciation of colors.
  • (letter.) A rise in value; -- in opposition to decline.

Sentence Examples with the word appreciation

A remarkable help to the cure of headaches and wider nervous disorders has come out of the better appreciation and correction of errors of refraction in the eye.

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