What does appraise mean?

appraise meaning in General Dictionary

setting a value to approximate the well worth of specially by persons appointed for the purpose concerning appraise goods and chattels

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  • start thinking about in a comprehensive method
  • evaluate or estimate the type, quality, ability, level, or importance of
  • setting a value; to calculate the well worth of, specially by individuals appointed with the aim; since, to appraise goods and chattels.
  • To estimate; to conjecture.
  • To praise; to commend.

appraise meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. to professionally assess the value of residential property includ- ing real estate, precious jewelry, classic furniture, securities, or in particular cases losing value (or price of replacement) due to damage. This can be essential in identifying the worth for the property of somebody who may have died, particularly if the items needs to be split one of the beneficiaries, to determine the worth of possessions for insurance coverage, to divide cooperation possessions, set a sales price, determine fees, or make insurance coverage claims.

appraise meaning in Law Dictionary

used. To fix or set an amount or worth upon; to fix and state the true value of anything, and, typically, on paper. Vincent v. German Ins. Co., 120 Iowa, 272, 94 N. W. 458.

appraise meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "to set a value on," from stem of Old French aprisier "apraise, put a price on" (14c., Modern French appr

appraise meaning in Business Dictionary

The act of assessing an object to ascertain simply how much it really is really worth (appraisal value). This really is calculated by examining all factors that'll boost or reduce steadily the value of the object. To achieve the many accurate figure, an appraiser who's certified to evaluate the worthiness will usually be used. "Steve and Becky contacted an antiques dealership ahead and appraise a number of their particular great-aunt's belongings that were bought over 80 years back."

appraise meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To create a value; to calculate the well worth of, specifically by persons appointed for the purpose; because, to appraise goods and chattels.

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  • (v. t.) To calculate; to conjecture.
  • (v. t.) To praise; to commend.

Sentence Examples with the word appraise

She walked around the side of the house to appraise the damage.

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