What does appraisal clause mean?

appraisal clause meaning in Law Dictionary

In property insurance the insured or insurer can need an appraisal for home damaged to justify a claim.

appraisal clause meaning in Business Dictionary

Provision in home insurance plans, under which either the insured or even the insurer ( not both) has the right to need appraisal for the wrecked home for evaluating or justifying a claim.

appraisal clause meaning in Insurance Dictionary

residential property insurance provision permitting either the insurer or the insured to demand a binding appraisal of damaged home in the event of a dispute as to its value and setting up the mandatory appraisal process. A few jurisdictions now enable either party to reject the interest in assessment, as evidenced in state amendatory endorsements for commercial property guidelines, property owners policies, or both. Enabling the insurer to reject a guaranteed's interest in appraisal is disadvantageous for insureds.