What does appraisal mean?

appraisal meaning in General Dictionary

A valuation by a certified person an appraisement

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  • a document appraising the worthiness of something (as for insurance coverage or taxation)
  • the category of somebody or something pertaining to its well worth
  • an expert estimation associated with high quality, amount, along with other traits of someone or something like that
  • A valuation by an authorized individual; an appraisement.

appraisal meaning in Law Dictionary

1. an assessment done to ascertain an items well worth. 2. when an appraiser evaluates market worth, estimates harm, and determines loss. It really is written and effects the worthiness associated with property. AKA valuation.

appraisal meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"establishing of a cost," by 1784, American English, from appraise + -al (2). Figurative good sense, "act of appraising" (originally a phrase of literary critique) is from 1817.

appraisal meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Impartial analysis and evaluation performed in accordance with established requirements to determine the acceptability, merit, or worth of something. 2. Analysis by a professional appraiser to (1) measure the market value of a property, (2) estimate the degree of injury to an insured home and cost of repairs, or (3) see whether a total reduction happened. A written assessment is usually a key necessity when a residential property is bought, sold, insured, or mortgaged. It is needed also whenever a claim is filed for payment for damage or destruction of this insured property. See in addition appraisal price. 3. Alternate term for valuation.

appraisal meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A valuation by an authorized individual; an appraisement.

Sentence Examples with the word appraisal

There will be a boycott of staff appraisal by all staff who participate in any form of staff performance appraisal.

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