What does applique mean?

applique meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1841, from French appliqu

applique meaning in Fashion Dictionary

Cutting shapes from textile textiles and affixing them to a different material or apparel being decorate the beds base material. The ornamental materials are generally sewn into the base textile, but may also be affixed with adhesive. Quilts are often fashioned with Appliqué habits, and textile artists and fashion manufacturers frequently use this strategy.

applique meaning in General Dictionary

a decorative design made of one material sewn over another

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  • sew on as a decoration
  • Ornamented with a pattern (that has been cut-out of another color or things) used or used in a basis; since, applique lace; applique work.

applique - French to English


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  • applied
  • wall light

applique meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Ornamented with a pattern (which was cut-out of another shade or material) used or utilized in a foundation; since, applique lace; applique work.

Sentence Examples with the word applique

The piece was created using beadwork applique in floral designs.

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