What does applicant mean?

applicant meaning in General Dictionary

one that apples for anything one that makes demand a petitioner

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  • someone who requests or seeks anything such as for example help or work or admission
  • a person who apples for anything; one that tends to make request; a petitioner.

applicant meaning in Law Dictionary

This term pertains to somebody who files a petition or tends to make a credit card applicatoin; the petitioner; or even the person who is trying to get a legal treatment to a challenge.

applicant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"one who is applicable," belated 15c., from Latin applicantem (nominative applicans), current participle of applicare (see utilize).

applicant meaning in Business Dictionary

an individual who is applicable for some thing

applicant meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One who apples for one thing; one that tends to make demand; a petitioner.

Sentence Examples with the word applicant

He liaises direct with the applicant to allocate him or her to one of the authorized show judges.

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