What does applectomy mean?

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A medical condition in which extended usage of Apple technology results in degenerative brain diseases. Applectomy is consequently branched into a multitude of symptomatic health problems in line with the degree and sort of experience of Apple items.Decreased Motor Cortex Stimulation: extended using Apple's touchscreen display technology can lead to the degeneration of motor cortex. Causing a loss in fine engine skills and total hand dexterity needed seriously to finely manipulate items. Products including a keyboard.Appsosis: A debilitating emotional infection brought about by persistent exposure to the new iphone's alternative party applications causes alzhiemer's disease and neurosis among customers overly engrossed in their recently purchased "app".I-Form Dyslexia: A learning disability that stems from habitual using Apple's "i" services and products i.e "iPod", "iPhone", "iMovie". Patients start to make reference to objects with all the prefix lowercase "i". Talking about a pet dog as "iDog" or a buddy as an "iFriend" is an indication of I-Form Dyslexia