What does apple basher mean?

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A bunch of bellends whom hate on apple for no specific explanation apart from to obtain intimate satisfaction. Usually entirely on YouTube opinion area, these morons is certainly going on a nerd trend hating on apple and exactly how high priced and shit their products are, although A) They are not, they have been just like any various other product online and B) Apple haven't done almost anything to all of them to make them act because of this.They do this because they do not have life or absolutely nothing more straightforward to do. All of this is merely because apple isn't for their taste, and/or because their jealous bad losers that's parents wont buy them apple products because their particular ridiculous small shits. Most apple bashers have never owned an apple product or if perhaps they've, frequently an iPod, as a result of this, they will have no to assess products obtained never ever owned.Another thing apple bashers do is say that most good reviews of apple items are compensated and is bias bullshit, that it self, is bullshit.It's commonly known that they Dutch rudder both while shoving android devices up their particular asses and eating shit off their PC/Laptops.The instance may be the typical bullshit their rages entail, their particular arguments Usually contain 80percent supposedly-facts bullshit and 20percent supposedly-true viewpoints.