What does appetizing mean?

appetizing meaning in General Dictionary

in order to stimulate desire for food

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  • Exciting desire for food as appetizing food
  • attractive to or stimulating the appetite particularly in look or aroma
  • Exciting appetite; because, appetizing food.
  • So as to stimulate appetite.

appetizing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"exciting desire or appetite," 1650s, from desire for food on model of present participle adjective forms in -ing.

appetizing meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Exciting desire for food; since, appetizing food.

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  • (adv.) In order to stimulate appetite.

Sentence Examples with the word appetizing

Then she had dinner, a substantial and appetizing meal at which there were always three or four guests; after dinner she played a game of boston, and at night she had the newspapers or a new book read to her while she knitted.

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