What does appetitive mean?

appetitive meaning in General Dictionary

obtaining the quality of desiring satisfaction as appetitive power or faculty

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  • of or regarding appetite
  • getting the top-notch desiring satisfaction; because, appetitive energy or professors.

appetitive meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. advertising + petere, to seek) Adjective of desire for food. Applied to desire predicated on animal wishes e.g. appetite, sex, etc. The appetitive, combined with the ideational and the affective, are the three main levels associated with the mindful life. -- L.W.

appetitive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Getting the quality of desiring gratification; since, appetitive energy or faculty.

Sentence Examples with the word appetitive

These non-rational elements he further distinguished as appetitive (ro E7rLOvi..arr KOv) and spirited (TO Ov,uoabS or Ovu6r) - the practical separateness of which from each other and from reason he held to be established by our inner experience.

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