What does apperception mean?

apperception meaning in General Dictionary

The thoughts perception of itself once the subject or star in its very own states perception that reflects upon itself sometimes intensified or energetic perception

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  • the process wherein perceived qualities of an object are about previous experience
  • your head's perception of itself since the topic or star with its very own states; perception that reflects upon it self; often, intense or lively perception.

apperception meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1753, from French aperception (17c.), from German Apperzeption (or Latin apperceptionem), coined by German mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) as noun equivalent to French apercevoir "perceive, notice, notice" (11c., from Latin advertising "to" (see ad-) + percipere; see perceive) on example of Perzeption/percevoir.

apperception meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. advertising + percipere, to view) (a) In epistemology: The introspective or reflective apprehension by the mind of the own inner states. Leibniz, who introduced the expression, distinguished between perception, (the inner state as representing external things) and apperception (the internal state as reflectively conscious of itself). Concepts of Nature and of Grace, § 4. In Kant, apperception denotes the unity of self-consciousness regarding either the empirical pride ("empirical apperception") or even the pure pride ("transcendental apperception"), Critique of natural factor, A 106-8. (b) In psychology: the method by which brand new knowledge is assimilated to and changed by the residuum of past experiences of a person to form a new entire. The residuum of previous knowledge is named the apperceptive size. Cf. Herbart, Psyckologie als Wissenschaft, Part III, Sect. I, ch. 5. -- L.W. In Kant: (1) Empirical apperception (Ger. empirische Apperzeption). The consciousness of the cement actual self featuring its altering says; occasionally, merely, the "inner sense". (2) Transcendental apperception (Ger. transzendentale Apperzeption). The pure, initial, unchangeable consciousness which is the needed condition of experience as such and ultimate foundation of the synthetic unity of experience. (See Kantianism). -- O.F.K.

apperception meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Your head's perception of it self once the topic or actor with its own states; perception that reflects upon itself; sometimes, intensified or energetic perception.

Sentence Examples with the word apperception

In (1) apperception is almost equivalent to self-consciousness; the existence of the ego may be more or less prominent, but it is always involved.

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