What does appellation mean?

appellation meaning in General Dictionary

The work of appealing charm

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  • distinguishing term or words through which somebody or something like that is named and classified or distinguished from other people
  • a geographical indication accustomed recognize where in fact the grapes for a wine are grown
  • The act of attractive; attraction.
  • The act of phoning by a name.
  • your message wherein somebody or thing is called and known; name; name; designation.

appellation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "activity of attractive" (to a higher expert), from Old French apelacion (13c.), from Latin appellationem (nominative appellatio) "an addressing, accosting; an appeal; a name, title," noun of action from previous participle stem of appellare (identify attraction). Meaning "designation, title directed at an individual, thing, or class" is from mid-15c., from a sense in addition present in Middle French appeler.

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appellation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of attractive; appeal.

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  • (n.) The act of calling by a name.
  • (letter.) Your message wherein a person or thing is known as and understood; name; subject; designation.

Sentence Examples with the word appellation

This name in later times, owing to the racial amalgamation of the Chaldaeans and Babylonians, lost its former national force, and became, as it occurs in Daniel, a distinctive appellation of the Babylonian priestly class.

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