What does apparently mean?

apparently meaning in General Dictionary


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  • from appearances alone
  • unmistakably (`plain' is generally made use of informally for `plainly')
  • Visibly.
  • clearly; obviously; manifestly; evidently.
  • apparently; to look at; because, a guy might be evidently friendly, however malicious in heart.

apparently meaning in Urban Dictionary

it appears that; in terms of one knows; seeminglyapparentlyadverb1. seemingly, outwardly, fundamentally, speciously .

apparently meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "visibly, honestly," from obvious + -ly (2). Meaning "evidently" is from 1550s; that "to any or all appearances" (however fundamentally "really") is from 1560s; indicating "so far as may be evaluated, seemingly," is from 1846. A gradual refuge from certainty.

apparently meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Visibly.

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  • (adv.) Plainly; obviously; manifestly; obviously.
  • (adv.) Seemingly; to look at; as, a person is apparently friendly, however harmful in heart.

Sentence Examples with the word apparently

Some corroboration of the simple law was apparently found by Johnstone Stoney, who first noted that the frequencies of three out of the four visible hydrogen lines are in the ratios 20: 27: 32.

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