What does apparatus mean?

apparatus meaning in General Dictionary

Things provided as methods to some end

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  • (structure) several body parts that really work together to perform certain function
  • gear built to serve a specific function
  • of Apparatus
  • Things offered as way to some end.
  • Hence: a complete collection or set of executes, or utensils, for confirmed duty, experimental or operative; any complex instrument or appliance, mechanical or chemical, for a particular action or operation; equipment; procedure.
  • an accumulation of body organs all of which unite in a standard function; as, the respiratory equipment.

apparatus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from Latin device "resources, executes, gear; planning, a preparing," noun of condition from previous participle stem of apparare "prepare," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + parare "make prepared" (see pare).

apparatus meaning in Sports Dictionary

Five bits of equipment, recognized by the international federation, can be used for competitors line, baseball, hoop, clubs and ribbon. (recreation: Rhythmic Gymnastics)

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  • The horse vault is defined at a height of 55in. A springboard can be used to aid in flight and is placed in because of the lengthy axis associated with the horse. (recreation: guys's Gymnastics - Vault)
  • the apparatus the gymnasts use because of their exercises. Included in these are the pommel horse, the vault, the bands as well as the horizontal club. (recreation: guys's Gymnastics)

apparatus meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Apparatus

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  • (n.) Things provided as way to some end.
  • (n.) ergo: a complete collection or collection of implements, or utensils, for a given task, experimental or operative; any complex tool or device, technical or chemical, for a specific activity or operation; machinery; device.
  • (n.) A collection of organs that unite in a common function; because, the respiratory equipment.

Sentence Examples with the word apparatus

This apparatus has two coils, one of which, connected across the line, is provided for the purpose of projecting the shutter, while the other is intended for its restoration and is joined in a local circuit arranged to be closed when a plug is inserted in any one of the associated jacks.

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