What does appalling mean?

appalling meaning in General Dictionary

such to appall as an appalling accident

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  • causing consternation
  • a personal experience that appalls
  • of Appall
  • like to appall; because, an appalling accident.

appalling meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, present participle adjective from appall. Colloquial weakened feeling of "distasteful" is attested from 1919.

appalling meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Appall

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  • (a.) Such to appall; as, an appalling accident.

Sentence Examples with the word appalling

The religion and mythology of the Beni, like those of the Yorubas, are based on spiritand ancestor-worship (see Negro and Africa: Ethnology); the chief spirit or juju was worshipped with human sacrifices to an appalling extent, the Benin fetish being considered the most powerful in all West Africa.

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