What does apostille mean?

apostille meaning in Law Dictionary

ny intercontinental document that needs extra verification. It can be any such thing from a school record to an adoption report. It was done to lessen the amount of time taken on authentication between countries.

apostille meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"note, particularly on text associated with Bible," additionally apostil, 1520s, from French apostille (15c.), probably from Medieval Latin postilla, which most likely presents Latin post illa, literally "after those."

apostille meaning in Business Dictionary

extra verification needed for intercontinental acceptance of notarized documents including (but not limited to) adoption papers, affidavits, beginning certificates, agreements, death certificates, deeds, diplomas and degrees, divorce decrees, incorporation papers, wedding certificates, patent applications, abilities of attorney, and college transcripts. Instituted by 'The Hague Convention Abolishing certain requirements Of Legalization For Foreign Public Documents' of 1961, its goal is obviate "what's needed of diplomatic or consular legalization" and therefore change the difficult 'chain verification strategy' that needed confirmation by numerous authorities. As recommended by the convention, an apostille (French for, notation) is a preprinted small (minimum 9 x 9 centimeters) form having ten numbered components of information with empty rooms to-be filled in because of the designated expert inside issuing nation. Its obligatory upon every signatory country to accept apostilles regarding the other signatory nations.

apostille meaning in General Dictionary

A marginal note on a letter or any other report; an annotation.

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apostille meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A marginal note on a letter or any other paper; an annotation.