What does apogee mean?

apogee meaning in General Dictionary

That point in orbit of this moon which is in the greatest length from the earth

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  • a final climactic phase
  • apoapsis in world orbit; the idea with its orbit in which a satellite are at the greatest distance through the Earth
  • That point inside orbit of this moon which is at the best distance through the planet.
  • Fig.: The farthest or greatest point; culmination.

apogee meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"point at which the moon is farthest from earth," 1590s, from French apog

apogee meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The period when you look at the orbit of the moon that is on biggest distance through the planet.

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  • (n.) Fig.: The farthest or highest point; culmination.

Sentence Examples with the word apogee

Damascus, Kuf a and Basra will attract the flower of all the Moslem provinces, and thus that great intellectual, literary and scientific movement, which reached its apogee under the first Abbasid Caliphs at Bagdad, steadily becomes more marked.

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