What does apocalyptic mean?

apocalyptic meaning in General Dictionary

The writer of the Apocalypse

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  • Of or with respect to the truth or particularly towards Revelation of St-John containing or associated with the nature of a prophetic revelation
  • of or concerning an apocalypse
  • prophetic of devastation or ultimate doom
  • Alt. of Apocalyptical
  • Alt. of Apocalyptist

apocalyptic meaning in Urban Dictionary

a description of an individual, destination, item or event which was epically amazing in everyway.

apocalyptic meaning in Law Dictionary

1. The termination of the whole world. 2. a massive catastrophic occasion. 3. relating to the biblical end of that time period.

apocalyptic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, "pertaining towards 'Revelation of St. John' inside New-Testament," from Greek apokalyptikos, from apokalyptein (see apocalypse). Indicating "pertaining to your imminent end worldwide" developed by 1880s.

apocalyptic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Apocalyptical

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  • (n.) Alt. of Apocalyptist

Sentence Examples with the word apocalyptic

It is not therefore safe to measure the general growth of eschatological doctrine by the apocalyptic books, of which Daniel alone attained a canonical position.

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