What does apocalepsy mean?

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Apocalepsy is a mental, mental or physical suggest that results from people's belief in apocalyptic foretelling, like the Apocalypse. The state is noted by emotional and/or actual rigidity, or convulsions with reduced logical thought, along with the inability to identify alternate explanations for fate worldwide. Proof of apocalepsy is located when many individuals adjust their behavior to diary times foretelling the termination of the whole world, the coming of aliens, the coming of God or other metaphysical spirits, and frequently coincide aided by the writings of a religious sage or ancient writer, including Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar. Its regularity and intensity differ with social unrest, financial upheaval, alongside circumstances in which individuals think major, calamitous modifications would be the likeliest answer when it comes to state of the world. This disorder typically subsides on the list of afflicted people when the appointed time passes.