What does aphid mean?

aphid meaning in General Dictionary

among genus Aphis an aphidian

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  • some of various small plant-sucking pests
  • one of several genus Aphis; an aphidian.

aphid meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1884, anglicized from contemporary Latin aphides, plural of aphis, created by Linnaeus (1758), though in which he first got it and just why he applied it toward plant louse tend to be secrets. The theory well-liked by OED as "least improbable" is it derives from plural of Greek apheides "unsparing, lavishly bestowed," in guide either on "prodigious rate of manufacturing" for the pests or their particular voracity. They even tend to be referred to as ant-cows.

aphid meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One of many genus Aphis; an aphidian.

Sentence Examples with the word aphid

So give him to someone else who's having aphid problems.

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