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The American Pit Bull Terrier. Could be the name offered,and chosen by a handfull of knowledgeable men and women,concerning fighting-dogs. Your message American arises from the nation where in fact the dog was bred and processed,from its forefathers in europe. Your message Pit, comes from where dog proved its energy and valor. The term Bull arises from the puppies ancestry which includes the famous bulldog. The dog,who on top of other things,would latch onto a bulls nose and not let it go. The term Terrier arises from others puppy when you look at the apbt's bloodline a small,game,quick, shopping dog. A real a.p.b.t should always be bred by his character.. Game,unyielding,confident,and only flat out relentless. Image is nothing Game is every thing. Acronym for United states Pit Bull Terrier, or even for short pit bull. These puppies usually have a lot of the blame when stray dogs attack someone, even when they're not true pit bull terriers. They also are presented in many different colors, which range from black colored to blue (gray) and certainly will cost from $100- $2,000