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Not providing a shit whether god is present. Religion founded in nineteenth century by Angelo Manfredi. Angelo Manfredi came to be in Crotone, Italy in 1864 ad. He travled to Asia together with father in 1888 to review Hinduism and Buddhism. He followed their particular belief in reincarnation although not karma. Manfredi thought that the only method to liberate the heart from cycle of demise and rebirth is to come to be detached from all ethical and content values. Fundamentally he and his daddy had been cast away from india because of their ammoral practicies including alcoholism and beastiality. Manfredi returned to Crotone, Italy in 1892. he started preaching his doctrines on the roads of Crotone and soon created a little cult following there. The guys had been known for putting on a costume as ladies plus the females guys, as well as for their careless drunken behavior. The Apatheists toured all over Italy attracting diciples as well as public scorn anywhere they went. Whenever Mussolini stumbled on energy in 1922, Manfredi and his supporters were a number of the very first intellectuals becoming executed because of the Fascist regime. Manfredi was hanged nude in Rome, 1924. Although the cult mainly died down throughout the 20's, 30's, and 40's, it had been resurrected by Giordano Scarlatti in Naples, 1955. Scarlatti combined Manfredi's doctrines with a few for the ideas of Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche. It had been determined having about 10,000 followers in 1999, mainly in the usa and Italy. It really is headquarters have been in Rome.