What does anyway mean?

anyway meaning in General Dictionary

Anywise after all

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  • familiar with show that a statement describes or aids a previous statement
  • in any way whatsoever
  • Alt. of Anyways

anyway meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, in whatever way "in any fashion;" variant any ways (with adverbial genitive) attested from c.1560, prepositional expression by in any manner is from late 14c.; see any + means (letter.). One-word type predominated from 1830s. As an adverbial combination, from 1859. Middle English within sense had ani-gates "in any way, in some way" (c.1400).

anyway meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Alt. of Anyways

Sentence Examples with the word anyway

I love you anyway and I've quit twisting your arm about trying to dig up the past.

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