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Italian Justice who's probably the many conservative one regarding Supreme Court. He's a god-fearing Bible thumping Christian (translate as "idiot" or "superstitious zealot") just who voted against gay rights and frequently denounces abortion as "evil". Apparently really close friends with Dick Cheney, even going in terms of to just take a hunting trip with all the guy and soon after insisting to stay in on a trial of their saying to be "impartial".Much like Bill O'Reilly he frequently rambles and shouts and acts tough but as soon as he starts getting his ass handed to him such as the moron he could be he attempts to close all of them up. Most recently he fought to keep "under God" in the Pledge as this is a "nice wholesome Christian country."On a side note, there's a nifty small thing called The Fourth Amendment which ensures the right to privacy if you're maybe not performing any such thing "bad."