What does antler mean?

antler meaning in General Dictionary

The entire horn or any part of the horn of a cervine animal by a stag

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  • deciduous horn of a member of deer family members
  • the complete horn, or any part of this horn, of a cervine pet, at the time of a stag.

antler meaning in Etymology Dictionary

later 14c., from Anglo-French auntiler, Old French antoillier (14c., Modern French andouiller) "antler," maybe from Gallo-Roman cornu *antoculare "horn as you're watching eyes," from Latin ante "before" (see ante) + ocularis "associated with eyes" (see ocular). This etymology is doubted by some because no comparable word is out there in every other Romance language, but compare German Augensprossen "antlers," literally "eye-sprouts," for the same development.

antler meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

An object protruding from head on particular pets; deciduous and ossified in nature. Could be found on deer, elk, etc.

antler meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The entire horn, or any branch for the horn, of a cervine pet, as of a stag.

Sentence Examples with the word antler

Both sexes are devoid of antler appendage; but in this the musk-deer agrees with one genus of true deer (Hydrelaphus), and as in the latter, the upper canine teeth of the males are long and sabre-like, projecting below the chin, with the ends turned somewhat backwards.

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