What does antispamdexing mean?

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a brand new tool getting used against blackhat SEO organizations, wherein users that annoyed by spammers overpowering their favourite blog posting websites, like Opendiary or LiveJournal, either:a) create brand-new blog sites in which spamdexed Address's are associated with bad terms like 'spamdexing' 'googleblasting' etc, or;b) notebomb the spamdexing pages with pejorative terms, like those noted in a) above, or 'copyright violation' 'fake goods,' 'counterfeiting', 'fraud' therefore forth.the aim is to result in the spammers' pages to drop whenever se's apply principles about spamdexing to downgrade positions, and ultimately drive the spammers off of websites that prohibit spamdexing in the first place. It would likely supply the medial side aftereffect of pissing off the Search Engine Optimization organization's customers which discover that they've all of a sudden already been branded 'spammers' by an individual who offered all of them a bill of goods that didn't warn of the effect.