What does antiquated mean?

antiquated meaning in General Dictionary

Grown old Hence Bygone obsolete off usage old-fashioned as an antiquated law

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  • so incredibly old as seeming to participate in an early on period
  • Grown old. Ergo: Bygone; outdated; off usage; traditional; because, an antiquated law.

antiquated meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, previous participle adjective from antiquate (1530s) "in order to make old or obsolete," from Latin antiquatus, previous participle of antiquare (see classic (adj.)). A mature adjective in identical good sense ended up being antiquate (early 15c.), from Latin.

antiquated meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) developed old. Therefore: Bygone; obsolete; from usage; antique; because, an antiquated legislation.

Sentence Examples with the word antiquated

They included a dance in the temple of the goddess, at which the song of the brotherhood was sung, in language so antiquated that it was hardly intelligible (see the text and translation in Mommsen, Hist.

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