What does antiquarian mean?

antiquarian meaning in General Dictionary

An antiquary

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  • Pertaining to antiquaries or even to antiquity as antiquarian literary works
  • of or associated with individuals whom study or deal in collectibles or antiquities
  • of or concerning collectibles or antiquities
  • an expert or collector of antiquities
  • with respect to antiquaries, or even to antiquity; since, antiquarian literature.
  • An antiquary.
  • A drawing paper of large-size. See under Paper, n.

antiquarian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"one just who studies or is partial to antiquities," c.1600, from Latin antiquarius "pertaining to antiquity," from antiquus (see antique (adj.)) + -an. As an adjective from 1771.

antiquarian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding antiquaries, or to antiquity; because, antiquarian literary works.

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  • (n.) An antiquary.

Sentence Examples with the word antiquarian

The building is the property of the Commission of Historical Monuments, which has carried on the work of restoration with great architectural and antiquarian ability.

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