What does antipodes mean?

antipodes meaning in General Dictionary

Those who go on along side it of this globe diametrically opposite

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  • any two places or regions on diametrically opposite sides regarding the Earth
  • those that go on the medial side of this world diametrically other.
  • the united states of the who go on the opposite side of the globe.
  • Anything exactly opposing or contrary.

antipodes meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "persons which dwell from the other region of the globe;" 1540s as "place regarding the other side of the earth," from Latin antipodes "people who dwell on the opposing side of the earth," from Greek antipodes, plural of antipous "with feet opposing (ours)," from anti- "opposite" (see anti-) + pous "foot" (see base (letter.)); hence, people who live on the opposite region of the world. Yonde in Ethiopia ben the Antipodes, men that haue theyr fete ayenst our fete. ["De Proprietatibus Rerum Bartholomeus Anglicus," converted by John of Trevisa, 1398] To not be mistaken for antiscii "people who live on the exact same meridian on other region of the equator," whose shadows fall at noon inside opposite path, from Greek anti- + skia "shadow." Relevant: Antipodal (adj.); antipodean (1630s, n.; 1650s, adj.).

antipodes meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) People who go on the medial side for the globe diametrically reverse.

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  • (letter.) The country of those whom survive the exact opposite side of the globe.
  • (letter.) any such thing exactly other or contrary.

Sentence Examples with the word antipodes

The proof of this statement rests on the fact that if the hydrogen atoms were not co-planar, then substitution derivatives (the substituting groups not containing asymmetric carbon atoms) should exist in enantiomorphic forms, differing in crystal form and in their action on polarized light; such optical antipodes have, however, not yet been separated.

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