What does antiphon mean?

antiphon meaning in General Dictionary

A musical response alternative singing or chanting See Antiphony and Antiphone

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  • a verse or track to be chanted or sung in reaction
  • A musical response; alternate singing or chanting. See Antiphony, and Antiphone.
  • A verse said before and after the psalms.

antiphon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, "a versicle sung responsively," from center French antiphone "hymn" or right from Medieval Latin antiphona, from Greek antiphona, from anti- "over against" (see anti-) + phone "voice" (see fame (n.)). A re-adoption regarding the word which had become anthem in English and lost its original definition.

antiphon - German to English

antiphone [spv.]

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  • antiphon

antiphon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A verse stated before and after the psalms.

Sentence Examples with the word antiphon

The genuineness of two rhetorical exercises (The Encomium of Helen and The Defence of Palamedes, edited with Antiphon by F.

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