What does antinegrite mean?

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Jewish men and women have a means of discouraging behavior that enures to their detriment without having to delve into the murky motivations of the actor-- they term the act "antisemitic," therefore the star is for that reason "antisemitic." It's the perfect time that Blacks have an identical semantic tool. Many times when debating racial politics, we have bogged down into whether the actor is a racist or not. It's the perfect time we allow the actor, his aware, along with his god figure that away. But if an act has the effectation of harming the passions of Ebony folks, we could deem it antinegritic, as well as the actor an antinegrite, whether he's racist or a white supremacist. Consequently, an antinegrite is anybody (even a Black individual) which functions up against the interests of Ebony folks.