What does antidisestablishmentarianism mean?

antidisestablishmentarianism meaning in General Dictionary

the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of condition recognition of an existing church utilized specially concerning the Anglican Church in The united kingdomt against disestablishmentarianism

antidisestablishmentarianism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"opposition to disestablishment for the Church of England," 1838, said by Weekley to be very first taped in Gladstone's "Church and State," from dis- + establishment in sense of "the ecclesiastical system founded by-law; the Church of England" (1731). For this reason establishmentarianism "the principle of a situation chapel" (1846) and disestablish (1590s) "to rob (a church) of especial state patronage and assistance" (very first utilized especially of Christian churches in 1806), which are married inside term. Hardly ever used anyway today except in examples of the longest terms, amongst which it is often counted at the least since 1901.