What does anticipatory mean?

anticipatory meaning in General Dictionary

Forecasting of the nature of expectation

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  • in anticipation
  • Forecasting; for the nature of expectation.

anticipatory meaning in Urban Dictionary

adj. hawaii to be profoundly impatient and/or excited about some thing one expects that occurs when you look at the almost or semi-near future. Used generally with an event whose result is at this time uncertain. Basically an adjective as a type of your message anticipate.

anticipatory meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from expect + -ory.

anticipatory meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Forecasting; associated with nature of expectation.

Sentence Examples with the word anticipatory

The convivial verse, at its best in Dunbar's Testament of Mr Andrew Kennedy, may be studied in Quhy sould nocht Allane honorit be, one of the many eulogies of John Barleycorn anticipatory of Burns's well-known piece.

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