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cunts who have no life or mind so they really bitch 24/7 about smoking.get a life, it really is people's choice! where's no-cost will?the explanation smoking cigarettes is bad is basically because you need to endure anti-smoking bullshit. 1) adj. Description of just one who is against smoking cigarettes in a particular location, or smoking alltogether (esp. tobaco smoke)2) adj. The main cause to remove harmful cigarette smoke from partiuclar elements of community - including workplaces and indoor public venues, to any or all public venues, to banning smoking alltogether. USUALLY those people who are anti-smoking are mostly centered on helping pass laws that ban workplace and general public interior cigarette smoking. Those that want to increase it to incorporate each of out-of-doors tend to be a little more unusual, mostly given that it's alot more tough to do.