What does anti-shero mean?

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"An anti-shero is a man or woman that is basically sexist. Much more particularly, an anti-shero keeps women down (sexist folks is anti-male, although that is really not in keeping consumption.)Feminism is about a lady's directly to choose. If a lady desires to go after a traditionally feminine part, that is her option. Ergo, Martha Stewart isn't an anti-shero because she chooses to do "girl" things. It's just as bad to tell women they should not stay-at-home because it's to tell them that they must not head to work.An anti-shero just isn't always a lady who's unpleasant, or who displays character traits which you dislike.The word anti-shero is a noun. Shero can instead be spelt "Sheroe." The adjective is "anti-sheroic." If you should be dealing with the practice of maintaining ladies down, this is generally called sexism. If you are discussing dislike or hatred of women, that is misogyny" - Linwen, www.sheroescentral.com