What does anti-research grenade mean?

anti-research grenade meaning in Urban Dictionary

noun /ˈæn.ti-rɪˈsɜːtʃ grəˈneɪd/An object tossed at people to distract them from crucial research they must be doing.An anti-research grenade should always be something irresistibly interesting to you. Most commonly it is tailored into the persons certain interests. For instance you'll toss a small problem to an admirer of riddles and games, or you may throw a light saber pen to a fan of Star Wars.The prey needs to be doing study during deployment, or the anti-research grenade will be ineffective.A effective anti-research grenade should render the victim completely incapable of do any sort of effective task.An anti-research grenade isn't something that the sufferer should be forced to spending some time on, such as for example an open container of spaghetti. It must be something which the victim will willingly elect to spend some time on so that the blame for their inactivity will fundamentally fall upon the sufferer.