What does anti-gamergirl mean?

anti-gamergirl meaning in Urban Dictionary

A dude having severe difficulties with ladies in real life therefore spills over into their private video gaming globe which he utilizes in an effort to escape his real life inadequacies. He cannot manage it when a girl out frags him inside the favorite fps or whenever a she has a far better understanding of method and uses the woman mic to voice the woman a few ideas. He makes is position obvious by-doing among after;1. Mimicking the girl’s voice whenever she dares speak in online game.2. Griefing their girl teammate.3. Phone calls the lady a dumb bitch (or other derogatory term) to just take this lady down a notch.4. Asks to see her tits. This is their method of reminding the woman she is just tits and her sole function would be to offer men with boobs, in addition he could be foolish adequate to believe she'll show him her tits.