What does anthropomorphosis mean?

anthropomorphosis meaning in General Dictionary

change into the type of a human becoming

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  • Transformation into the type of a person being.

anthropomorphosis meaning in Urban Dictionary

(n.) The attribution of person characteristics to animals or any other non-human objects/inanimate things (eg, woods, birds, structures, etc.). (Syn.: anthropomorphism; anthropomorphization)Examples of anthropomorphosis can be present imaginary literary works, predominantly within metaphors and similes. Descriptive composing also utilizes it.For example, "the enraged waves of North Sea" is a mild anthropomorphization, because it declares waves of liquid to have emotional capabilities.Another instance would-be: "the tall and menacing trees stared at me personally from their heavenly levels and attempted to grab at me personally along with their gargantuan wooden claws." This is certainly anthropomorphic because: 1) woods aren't menacing. 2) Trees lack "claws." 3) Trees cannot grab, nor can they "try" to.most frequently, however, anthropomorphic characteristics are located within eco-friendly humans whom sympathize with certain ecological and ethical problems. Including, there are many people who oppose the idea of zoos. An anthropomorphic statement could possibly be: "examine that bad lion. He is just sitting within. He LOOKS sad. He would like to be free! He really wants to wander over the areas! He wants to boost a household! Bad thing!" This declaration, albeit heftily utilized by some of the general public, has many fallacies within it, such: 1) Lions are not poor. They've no cash, nor can they take advantage of any hypocritical andfervent shame thrown towards them by spectators. 2) Lions may show behavior like people, but quintessentially attributing them to actually BE like humans is another argument, completely. The lion MAY search "unfortunate," however it probably is not. If it's, its behavior would move and zookeepers would scramble to its help. 3) How can somebody know precisely exactly what a lion desires? Animal psychics can refute this claim, but their claims are equally refutable from a logical perspective. 4) Lions never "families." Lion have a matriarch society (ie, a society operate by females). The mothers, grandmothers, and aunts do the "raising," as the guys just offer two reasons: reproduction and protection.---LOGICAL OPINION: folks who are therefore worried about the lion forget how delighted it must be. It either sits around all-day, consumes to their content, defecates to their content, or fornicates to his content. Folks forget that the lion not any longer has got to expend valuable energy being forced to look for dinner. It's being given to him! I'd be happy... Besides, just what just what a political anthropomorph do if they saw a lion gobbling up a Thomson Gazelle? Instead of hitting from the zoos, would they strike against nature?

anthropomorphosis meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Transformation in to the as a type of a human being.