What does anthropology mean?

anthropology meaning in General Dictionary

The technology of construction and functions associated with the body

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  • the social research that scientific studies the beginnings and social interactions of human beings
  • The research for the structure and procedures associated with the human anatomy.
  • The science of man; -- occasionally used in a small sense to imply the study of man as an object of normal record, or as an animal.
  • That method of phrase through which the prompted authors attribute human being parts and interests to Jesus.

anthropology meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"science of all-natural reputation for man," 1590s, originally particularly of this connection between physiology and therapy, from Modern Latin anthropologia or coined by themselves in English from anthropo- + -logy. In Aristotle, anthropologos is employed literally, as "talking about man."

anthropology meaning in Body Language Dictionary

The study of people in all respects, from socially, evolutionarily, behaviourially and especially culturally.  Anthropology is a source of study for body gestures whilst provides framework and beginnings of movements because it relate genuinely to cause.

anthropology meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The technology of this structure and functions of body.

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  • (n.) The technology of man; -- occasionally utilized in a finite feeling to indicate the study of guy as an object of normal history, or as an animal.
  • (letter.) That method of expression where the inspired authors attribute person components and interests to God.

Sentence Examples with the word anthropology

These latter problems are the province of criminal anthropology and criminal sociology, sciences so called because they view crime as the outcome of anthropological and social conditions.

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