What does anthropolatry mean?

anthropolatry meaning in General Dictionary

guy worship

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  • the worship of people
  • guy worship.

anthropolatry meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"worship of a person being," 1650s, from Greek anthropos (see anthropo-) + latreia "hired work, service, worship" (see -latry).

anthropolatry meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr.) The worshipping or cult of a human being conceived as a god, and alternatively of a god conceived as a person being. The deification of specific humans had been practiced by many early civilizations, and included much colour into the folklore and religion of these nations as Egypt, Greece, Asia and Japan. The human being origin of anthropolatry is illustrated by the failure of Alexander the Great to obtain divine honours from their troops. In comparison, the Shinto religion in Japan nonetheless considers the emperor as a "visible deity", and maintains shrines devoted to brave warriors or heroes. Monotheistic religions think about anthropolatry asa superstition. -- T.G.

anthropolatry meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Man worship.