What does anthropoid mean?

anthropoid meaning in General Dictionary

Resembling man applied specially to particular apes once the ourang or gorilla

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  • resembling apes
  • resembling human beings
  • any member of the suborder Anthropoidea including monkeys and apes and hominids
  • one who resembles a nonhuman primate
  • Resembling guy; -- applied especially to specific apes, as the ourang or gorilla.
  • An anthropoid ape.

anthropoid meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"manlike," 1835, from Greek anthropoeides "like a person, resembling a guy; in personal type;" see anthropo- + -oid. As a noun, attested from 1832 (the Greek noun in this sense was anthroparion).

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  • anthropoid ape
  • anthropoid

anthropoid meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Resembling man; -- used specially to particular apes, whilst the ourang or gorilla.

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  • (letter.) An anthropoid ape.

Sentence Examples with the word anthropoid

The motor field, therefore, though absolutely larger, forms a smaller fraction of the whole cortex of the brain than in the lower forms. The statement that in the anthropoid (orang-outan) brain the groups of foci in the motor fields of the cortex are themselves separated one from another by surrounding inexcitable cortex, has been made and was one of great interest, but has not been confirmed by subsequent observat'on.

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