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before a vowel, anthrop-, word-forming factor definition "pertaining to man or humans," from brush. type of Greek anthropos "man, person" (occasionally additionally including women) from Attic andra (genitive andros), from Greek aner "man" (unlike a lady, a god, or a boy), from PIE *ner- (2) "man," also "vigorous, vital, powerful" (cognates: Sanskrit nar-, Armenian ayr, Welsh ner). Anthropos often is explained as a mixture of aner and ops (genitive opos) "eye, face;" therefore literally "he who has got the facial skin of a guy." The alteration of -d- to -th- is difficult to describe; perhaps its from some lost dialectal variation, or even the mistaken belief that there was an aspiration sign throughout the vowel when you look at the 2nd element (as if *-dhropo-), which blunder may have happen by impact of common verbs such as for instance horao "to see."

Sentence Examples with the word anthropo-

At a very early date the anthropo- so-c phizing tendency caused the animal deities to be represented coni Es human bodies, though as a rule they retained their animal the ds; so in the case of Seth as early as the lind Dynasty.

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