What does antheridium mean?

antheridium meaning in General Dictionary

The male reproductive equipment inside lower plants composed of a cell or any other cavity in which spermatozoids are manufactured called in addition spermary

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  • the male intercourse organ of spore-producing plants; produces antherozoids; equal to the anther in blossoms
  • a man reproductive apparatus within the lower, composed of a mobile or other hole by which spermatozoids are created; -- called additionally spermary.

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antheridium meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A man reproductive equipment when you look at the lower, consisting of a cell or any other hole where spermatozoids are manufactured; -- labeled as in addition spermary.

Sentence Examples with the word antheridium

Young tube (a) of the antheridium multinucleate oogonium (og) which introduces the male and antheridium (an).

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