What does anthelmintic mean?

anthelmintic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

generally utilized in veterinary medication to refer to certain medications that are designed to fight intestinal worms in pets.

anthelmintic meaning in General Dictionary

effective at expelling or destroying parasitic worms

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  • a medication with the capacity of causing the evacuation of parasitic abdominal worms
  • Good against abdominal worms.
  • An anthelmintic solution.

anthelmintic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Good against abdominal worms.

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  • (letter.) An anthelmintic solution.

Sentence Examples with the word anthelmintic

The infusion is useful as a bitter tonic - a group of substances of which calumba is the type - and is also a very efficient anthelmintic for the threadworm (Oxyuris vermicularis).

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