What does antagonistic mean?

antagonistic meaning in General Dictionary

Opposing in combat combating contending or acting against as antagonistic forces

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  • indicating resistance or opposition
  • used especially of medications or muscle tissue that counteract or neutralize both's result
  • arousing animosity or hostility
  • described as antagonism or antipathy
  • not capable of harmonious association
  • Alt. of Antagonistical

antagonistic meaning in Urban Dictionary

becoming antagonistic is opposing progress or being unfavorable and possibly becoming hostile.

antagonistic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, from antagonist + -ic. Associated: Antagonistical (1620s); antagonistically.

antagonistic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Antagonistical

Sentence Examples with the word antagonistic

Although the policy of Wurttemberg had continued antagonistic to Prussia, the country shared in the national enthusiasm which swept over Germany, and its troops took a creditable part in the battle of Worth and in other operations of the war.

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