What does anonysphere mean?

anonysphere meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Internet commentary or interactions created by unknown or unauthenticated people. 2. That part of the net for which men and women work anonymously without finding or outcome.Due to decreased outcome, traffic when you look at the anonysphere can be more frank but in addition much more insensitive, caustic or craven too. There are lots of justified reasons for running within the anonysphere that have regarding free-speech, freedom from reprisal, participation in alternate character and role play. From this benefit comes the arguably less attractive symptom of bad behavior, personal baiting, racism, hatism, extremism.People are less severe and confrontational in person, perhaps even more person - but this is certainly a viewpoint without a judgement. There clearly was perpetual discussion towards role and benefit of anonymity on the internet (and/or anonysphere).