What does anon mean?

anon meaning in General Dictionary

Straightway simultaneously

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  • at another time
  • (old-fashioned or informal) in a while
  • Straightway; at the same time.
  • shortly; in a little while.
  • At another time; then; once again.

anon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated Old English anon, earlier on an, virtually "into one," therefore "continually; straightway (in a single course), at the same time;" see one. By gradual misuse, "quickly, in a time" (1520s). A one-word etymological class in suffering power of procrastination.

anon meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Straightway; simultaneously.

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  • (adv.) Shortly; in a time.
  • (adv.) At another time; after that; once again.

Sentence Examples with the word anon

As I kept passing and repassing the filling or woof of marline between the long yarns of the warp, using my own hand for the shuttle, and as Queequeg, standing sideways, ever and anon slid his heavy oaken sword between the threads, and idly looking off upon the water, carelessly and unthinkingly drove home every yarn: I say so strange a dreaminess did there then reign all over the ship and all over the sea, only broken by the intermitting dull sound of the sword, that it seemed as if this were the Loom of Time, and I myself were a shuttle mechanically weaving and weaving away at the Fates.

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